Monday, 28 March 2011

a rally for all final year students.

Although it has been a while since my last attempt at a blog, it is fair to say that not a great deal has happened, except the observation of the disturbingly fast rate at which time seems to be passing these days. Where as yesterday saw us in February, with still a significant amount of time for anyone feeling doubts about their degree to turn it around, here we are now in the last week of teaching we are ever going to have. Whilst this does bring with it a few positives (no more Sprachpraxis) it is also a reality check that we have only 6 weeks before exams begin in earnest, which, quite frankly is not a thought one relishes. There is however a consolation, a metaphoric wooden spoon if you will, to the many, many hours spent in the library or whichever other sanctuary you choose to shut yourself into, desperately trying to cram for the philology exam, or finally getting round to learning gender rules for French nouns (both will be the case for me), and this is that we are all in this together. nb, this is not a reference to the cheap plasticality that is High School Musical. I speak of the tangible cameraderie that exists between people suffering the same fate, a mutual respect to the mammoth and daunting task ahead that is final exams and dissertations. So when you are struggling to motivate yourself, as i am perpetually doing, remember that it is only for a few more weeks. The final big push before the titanic hangover the morning after Grad ball. To conclude then i can only wish everyone as unstressful and productive an easter break as possible and a fruitful use of the extra day off for the royal wedding.

once more, good luck! I think we will all need it,