Thursday, 20 October 2011

A Few Thoughts on Life in Austria.

As I sit gazing vaccantly outside watching the snow come down, giving the world outside an optimistic sheen, my thoughts turn once more to my shockingly erratic blogging habits. So in a brief update, I am now back in Kitzbühel for a second stint as an English assistant. Having been here for nearly a month now, I have had time to reflect on the reasons why i came back and have concluded I have been entirely vindicated in my decision to coem back. There is a tangible way of life to living in a Ski-resort, far removed from reality, and considering the weather outside, i can only look forward to the winter with real excitement, as this is when it really "kicks off". We are a matter of weeks away from the build up to christmas here and this brings a whle new set of experiences.

 Firstly, the whole of Austria converts into one big, aroma-filled christmas market that can put Birmingham's offerings to shame. Secondly, we have that magic elixir to solve all the worlds problems: glühwein. mmmmmmmmm. The sights and smells of Austria in the 6 weeks before christmas are the very essence of why I love this country so much, (even if your students insist on playing Wham in your christmas lesson. One of the reasons i left the UK.) It follows the same mantra, the evidence of which is ever-present in Austria - you can never have too much cinnamon.

So as a final thought, Over the next 4 weeks i am going to find myself counting down the days til that first hot steaming mug of delicious spiced goodness. and in the meantime, theres always Jägermeister.