Monday, 2 February 2015

Deadline Day - That time of year again....

It has been well over 2 years since my last blog. A lot has happened. I am going to gloss over all this as the probable few people who will ever really read this will already know of my depressingly conventional transition into adulthood. The one who keeps me sane through the drudgery of a full time job is my wonderful fiancĂ©e who manages to drag me kicking and screaming through adult life, whilst at the same time reminding me to not take myself too seriously. You see, in my mind, I’m kind of a big deal.
Why am I telling you all of this? Well, today actually marks 4 years since my first blog, when I was a starry eyed final-year at university. The topic of that blog was the January transfer window, and how deadline day is usually a bit of an anti-climax. Fortunately at the time, my single-digit readership, most of whom didn’t care a single jot about football managed to conceal the fact that my conclusions were disastrously wrong. That night turned out to be one of the more memorable Deadline Days of the last decade. The events of 2011 are nothing, however, compared to the awe-inspiring void of absolutely anything which has made up today’s news so far.
As I sit here checking the BBC Sport feed every few minutes, I live in hope that there is even some sort of cock & bull story about Gareth Bale to United which Jim White will be able to salivate over for a few hours tonight, but no – nothing of note has happened today at all. The complete silence from all quarters is really rather eerie. Where there is normally a flood of rumours, speculation and downright lies regarding who is going where etc, there is only a drip of information about Andre Schurrle. Hardly unforgettable stuff.
I am therefore writing this to condemn this year’s Transfer Deadline Day as a complete waste of my time – in the vain hope that I am as drastically wrong as I was 4 years ago. I suppose I should go and put money on no further signings. Then we can expect fireworks…..