Monday, 31 January 2011

Transfer Deadline Day. A sad day for everyone.

Whilst we all immerse ourselves in the outrageous hype surrounding the end of the transfer window, one can't help but notice almost everything else is ignored until that magical moment, 11pm tonight in this case, when the 6 months of solid speculation comes to its inevitably dissapointing climax and we can all revel in Paul Konchevsky's loan move to Nott's Forrest. Hardly the stuff of 2 years ago and the Robinho saga. However, when there is the slightest possibility of almost anything interesting happening, no matter how sensational, we all seem to cling on to that hope like we are clinging on to our very lives. So despite a supposed £50 million bid for Fernando Torres (possibly the most ludicrous amount ever bid for a player) you just can't help getting the feeling today is going to fizzle out like Andy Murray's title chances at a grand slam, something which was the sole topic of discussion 24 hours ago.

I think this is the very problem with Britain today. We are almost incapable of focusing on more than one major news story at a time. We flit from Tevez leaving, to the Ashes and finally to the horror of Transfer deadline day. Descend into any brach of Lidl nationwide and i would wager very few people could tell you of the serious stories gracing the headlines this morning. I speak of the unrest in Egypt, the tragic death of composer John Barry, and of course - Dominic Cork being voted out of Dancing on Ice! Perhaps the latter would be the most common answer, although I would never presume to cast apersions of the Clientel of one of the country's top 9 supermarkets.

Perhaps I am being uncharitable and underestimate the importance of the various business dealings Football's elite. As a massive fan myself I have been craving a bit more digging into the pockets of Wolves chairman, Steve Morgan and have thusfar been disappointed. So i will therefore be eagerly following the Deadline Day drama along with the rest of the footballing world. I am also going to spare a thought, though, for competitors in other sports who have to compete with the behemoth that is Football. Sportsmen and women who can only dream of earning half the salary of the average Manchester city player. People like Alberto Contador, Three time winner of the Tour de France who has probably unjustly, if slightly amusingly, been handed a one year ban for a negative drugs test during last year's tour. A man who cycles in excess of 20,000 km a year and is payed virtually nothing for it. All of the other great sports neglected by the public unless we have some great success in the olympics or at their respective World Championships. First on this list is track cycling. Very few people knew of the existence of Chris Hoy, who had been succeeding on the sane scale long before Beijing. However, whwen we finally meet with some sucess on a more prolific stage, he is immediately hailed as a national hero and awarded with honours accordingly. Alas the olympic bandwagon still does not take into account the fact these sports have to apply for their funding and many are in danger of losing it altogether.

With my incoherent ramblings almost over it only remains for me to wish you a very happy Transfer deadline and Hope that you may find exilharation in Stephen Ireland and his loan spell at Newcastle.

May the text commentary never cease to entertain!

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