Thursday, 24 November 2011

Snow. It's a waiting game.

I'm sat in the staffroom of one of the schools where I work, looking out on one of the most stunning panoramas Austria has to offer. The most striking thing, however, is not the gargantuan mountain that dominates this breathtaking vista, but rather the rich array of autumnal colours that give life to an already beautiful landscape. Now this may sound ideal, but there is a tangible frustration in the air, that lingers like a valley mist on a frosty morning, and one question remains unanswered: where is the goddamn snow? Austria in winter is possibly the most spectacular place in Europe and we are still waiting for a proper snowfall. Now, I am aware that this problem is ubiquitous throughout Europe at the minute, but it feels more accute here in Tyrol because winter and the resulting surge in tourism is the very heart of the region. This frustration is just as strong for me as I specifically chose to return to Tirol for the winter season. So my plea to whichever deity or being that wants to listen is this : just turn on the snow and make me a happy man. I'm not sure how much more of this I can take.

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