Sunday, 4 March 2012

Technology hates me.

The world is full of facts. Gravity is a fact. Dettol protects- fact. And technology really hates me. Fact. I sit in bed staring at a black computer screen with just a lone flashing line. It mocks me as if to say, " you lose, sucker!". This has been going on for the last 15 minutes, and there it still sits, flashing flamboyantly at me. Oh, how I hate that dot and all it represents. I fear I shall be soon saying goodbye to yet another laptop that failed the simple tests I put it through on a daily basis. Albeit after a far from taxing life, this computer is no more. Not even the fervent prayers of a geek can bring this one back.

So here my life takes one big leap back by 5 years or so and I will have to reconcile myself to another way of wiling away my long hours. I could ponder our independence on technology and whether we are still completely in control of our own lives. Or I could sit and fume over how the three spinners wove the threads of my life and intertwined them with that of Acer Laptops and other inefficient companies, into whose hands we place so much of our hard-earned cash. However, I shall take the moral high ground. I will just tell the world and let you decide.

Three laptops in 4 years, countless phones and a bedroom with 2 tv's, neither of which work. Someone or something hates me and wants to remain amongst the unenlightened. Whilst some may argue that only now can I truly be enlightened as I am finally free from the barbaric mundanity that permeate our lives on a daily basis - I pray ceaselessly someone will take Paddy macguinnes out of my life- but I disagree. Humanity's entire breadth of knowledge is on the Internet and I want to be able to reach it when I wish. Now I can't because fate has peed on my technological bonfire once again. Thanks.

Ps, for all those wondering, this was written on my IPhone. So I guess it's not all bad.

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